Why You Need A Branded Email Address

Sep 6, 2019

There is a multitude of email address options available, but when it comes to using them in a professional capacity, accounts like Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail aren’t the best choice.

Many hosting packages (like ours) now come with the option of creating numerous email addresses associated with the domain name that you’ve registered, meaning that creating branded emails doesn’t have to be a complex or disjunctive task.

It’s just about impossible to conduct business these days without an email address.

What is a branded email address?

It’s an email address or set of email addresses that carry the same name as an overall brand; for example, if an employee works for the company IH Media, they may also choose to have an email address such as staffname@ih-media.co.uk. Likewise, a department would have an email address such as department@ih-media.co.uk

Here are some key reasons why you should be using branded email addresses for your business:

Promotes Brand Association

When someone sees the branded email address, they instantly recognise that there is a professional association with that brand. Usually, people who use branded email addresses are employees, company owners, or departments within the company’.


Using a consistent name across web, social media, and email helps to group everything together logically, especially if you offer services that require email interaction. If you have a brand that actually has a store and physical branded goods, you would expect those goods to be in alignment with that of the physical store. Likewise, consistency across website, email, social and anything else online helps to portray a polished and well thought out brand.

Builds Trust

Trust is the bedrock of any good business relationship, and an unprofessional email address could be making it hard for people to trust you.

Think about it, are you more likely to trust spongebob8121987@hotmail.com with financial information on your company or accounts@amazon.co.uk? Communicating with customers, potential buyers, and suppliers via a professional email address sends a signal that they are dealing with the right person, one that represents the company in a professional capacity.

Be Organised

By segmenting email addresses into different departments/roles, you not only make your business appear larger, but make it seem well organised too. This is especially pertinent if people need to contact your company, and need a specific person or department. Breaking the branded emails down into digestible categories it makes your business appear comprehensible and well-functioning.

It shouldn’t cost you anything

As stated earlier, many hosting providers understand the need for businesses to acquire related branded email addresses. In the digital age that we live in, it’s widely acknowledged that this is paramount. At IH Media, branded email addresses are part of the hosting package we offer, meaning that it won’t cost you any more. If you’re not sure if you have email accounts attributed to your domain hosted at IH Media, contact us and we’ll let you know. You’ll usually find that you have lots to choose from, making it even easier to expand your business activity online.

Your small business needs to use branded email addresses, and hosting your website with IH Media means you won’t have to pay any extra for them.

Contact IH Media today to discuss your Website Hosting needs and let’s give your business the service it deserves.