Support Local Businesses During Covid-19

Mar 13, 2020

Talk of Covid-19 (or Coronavirus) is everywhere at the moment, and people are rightly concerned. So, I’ve decided to do a rather different blog than usual this time and talk about how we can support our local businesses during this worrying period.

Coronavirus has already started to impact local businesses, and I’m not on about the stockpiling of toilet roll. With the cancelling of events comes a change of plans, we no longer need that restaurant booking or that taxi home after a few drinks. So we want to ask for your help, to support our local businesses and raise awareness on how you can even if you are self-isolated AND they won’t cost you a penny, but they might make a huge difference to our local businesses.

Shop local, support our community.

If you want to support our local businesses – we have picked out a few ways you can help

Social Media

Search for local businesses on social media, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be surprised at how many are out there. Follow them, like their posts, write a comment, or just share their posts with your friends.

Write a Review

Whether it was a great meal you had a few weeks ago, a shop assistant who helped you find something, or just a general shout out to a local business you like. Writing a review could help them reach a wider audience and help the local business know they are really appreciated.

Post a Picture

We all enjoy taking pictures to capture the moment when creating memories. Don’t let those memories stay on your phone, share them with your followers. Tell them that amazing dish you had at the restaurant, show them how amazing you looked at that event wearing the outfit you bought from the local shop. Post it now and tag the local business in on it.

Don’t be a “no-show”

Inevitably, your plans will change, it happens to all of us. But please remember to contact that restaurant or salon and let them know you won’t be able to make it. They do understand and telling them gives them the opportunity to offer the place to someone else, it might even be someone you know.

Get a Delivery

Many of our local businesses offer a delivery service, and I’m not just talking about pizzas. Give the shop a call, tell them what you need and ask if they can deliver it for you. Offering a personal service with a friendly face is what local businesses are all about.

Above all, wash your hands and be kind to each other.