Proud to Sponsor The Marple Website

Sep 9, 2022

IH Media are very proud to announce the renewal of their sponsorship for The Marple Website.

The sponsorship deal will help The Marple Website to continue to support local projects and groups. The Marple Website supports local projects and groups by making donations to them. Over the past few years, they have made donations towards, among other things:

  • The set-up of the Marple Youth Project
  • Sponsorship of Mellor Open Gardens tickets
  • The Marple Poppy Appeal
  • Friends of Marple Memorial Park
  • Marple Adventure Film Festival
  • Marple Bridge Association
  • Plan Bee Honey Bee Sanctuary

Contributions to local causes by The Marple Website last year totalled £1,000 and bring the running total to £15,000 in 15 years!